Protocol for Poly-D-Lysine Preparation and Plate Coating

1. Prepare Poly-D-Lysine a. Add 100 ml of sterile tissue culture grade H2O to 5 mg poly-D-lysine (Sigma P6407). Final concentration of poly-D-lysine is 50 ug/ml. b. Mix by pipetting several times. c. Store at 2-8 ºC or –20 ºC. 2. Prepare Coated Plates a. Add enough poly-D-lysine solution to cover culture plate surface. b. […]

10X TBS (Tris Buffered Saline)

To prepare 1 liter of 10X TBS: 30 gr  Tris 88 gr NaCl 2 gr KCl mix everything in dwater until it’s disolved. Adjust pH at 7.5

Paraformaldehide 4%

To prepare 100ml of PFA 4% stock solution: – Add 86ml ddwater in an enlermeyer – Boil water in the microwave – Weigh 4g of PFA From now on in the fume hood – Transfer PFA in the erlenmeyer – Add a clean stirring bar – Add a drop of NaOH 10M – Stir it and keep […]