You know you’ve worked too long in a lab when

Very funny! and very true! hehehe. I got it from a friend in facebook. There is this facebook group called You know you’ve worked too long in a lab when, Daniel Sutton from London is the admin, but I don’t really know who is/are the author/authors of these hilarious statements. LOL 1. You wonder what absolute […]

George W. Bush contribution to science

Ex-president George W. Bush inesperately contributed to science when he was able to duck flying shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter in December in Bagdad as reveals the study published this month in the magazine Current Biology by two neurologists of Washington University. Bush reflexes and the impassivity that al-Maliki, the Iraqi primer […]

Spectrophotometric quantification of DNA and RNA

Because DNA and RNA absorb ultraviolet light, with a absorption peak at 260nm wavelength, spectrophotometers are commonly used to determine the concentration of DNA in a solution. Inside a spectrophotometer, a sample is exposed to ultraviolet light at 260 nm, and a photo-detector measures the light that passes through the sample. The more light absorbed […]

Welcome to EasyProtocols!

Some months ago I thought about starting a blog about science. And here it is. The idea behind it is to serve as a meeting site for scientists around the world that are looking for a protocol, searching advise from other scientists, want to be updated on the latest science news,… Everyone is welcome: from PhD […]