Easy (all purpose) brain protein extraction

This post was written by admin on April 30, 2009
Posted Under: Western blot

If you just want a positive control for your western blot and you need rat or mouse brain, there’s no need for a fancy and long brain protein extraction.  

- Dissect the animal and extract the brain

-  Take the whole brain or cut a piece of it (the region you are interested in) and homogenize it in lysis buffer and protease inhibitors (use at least 5 times the volume of the piece of brain)

- Centrifuge 10 minutes at 14000rpm at 4C

- Take the supernatant and dilute it in sample buffer or keep it at -80C to use later on.

 Your lysis buffer can be as simple as PBS (without calcium and magnesium) + 1% TX100 + protease inhibitors.


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