Fast solidification of agarose gels

This post was written by admin on September 18, 2009
Posted Under: Tricks & short cuts

Hi there! Here is a simple but efficient trick to get your agarose gels to solidify much faster.  You have to weight the required amount of agarose as usual, but here it comes the trick. To dissolve this agarose, only pour HALF the amount of the required TAE 1% and save the rest (for example, to prepare a 1% gel, weight o.5 of agarose and instead of pouring the full 50ml, just pour 25ml and save the rest).

Proceed with the protocol boiling the mixture in the microwave until the agarose melts completely. Then, add the TAE you saved (25ml in our example) which will be at room temperature and will cool down your mixture  much faster to reach 60C-70C. Then you don’t need to wait any longer to add the ethidium bromide and to pour the gel in the tray.

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