Protocol for Poly-D-Lysine Preparation and Plate Coating

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1. Prepare Poly-D-Lysine
a. Add 100 ml of sterile tissue culture grade H2O to 5 mg poly-D-lysine (Sigma P6407). Final concentration of poly-D-lysine is 50 ug/ml.
b. Mix by pipetting several times.
c. Store at 2-8 ºC or –20 ºC.

2. Prepare Coated Plates
a. Add enough poly-D-lysine solution to cover culture plate surface.
b. Incubate at room temperature for 1-24 hours.
c. Aspirate the solution.
d. Rinse the plate surface thoroughly with sterile tissue culture grade H2O.
e. Dry the plate.
f. Store the plate at 4-8 ºC or room temperature.

protocol extracted from Gene Therapy Systems, Inc.

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