Saving time and money doing maxi/midi preps

This post was written by admin on June 21, 2009
Posted Under: Plasmid purification,Tricks & short cuts

Here is a trick. It is very simple, only a bit messy. But it will save you one centrifugation step and 30 minutes.

You have to pellet your overnight culture as usual, ressuspend it, lysate it and stop the lysis. So far, as recommended in the protocol. The next step is normally a centrifugation to clear the lysate. HERE is where the trick comes.

You don’t need to centrifugate. You can use a clean coffee filter and the lysate will came out as clean as after centrifugation. If you don’t belived, try it. It works. Add the lysate to the coffee filter and collect it in a clean 50ml falcon tube. Fast, right?

At that point, you can add the filtrate straight to the equilibrated column and continue with the washings as written in the protocol.

The lucky ones that buy the filter cartridges provided by the companies probably won’t ever use this trick. But who knows, maybe you run’ll out of them on a Sunday afternoon,… and then is always good to have a plan B.

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